Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Support your local small business!!

This blog is not about politics, but this really got me and I had to post it.

Yesterday, I was visiting Village Hardware in Alexandria VA. I don't live in Alexandria any more, but I gladly drive 15 miles there for Larry and his son's vast knowledge as well as availability of Weber and other great products I can't find elsewhere (Sharon buys all our yard flags there, and I always head to the basement for the Weber showroom). Larry's son told me that Larry was contacted by Fox Business to get his reaction about the President choosing the Alexandria Home Depot as the venue to make an announcement on small business tax incentives and the so-called Cash for Clunkers program when Village Hardware, the epitome of a successful small business, is literally down the road (and closer to the White House. If you don't believe me, check Google Maps and enter "White House Washington DC" in the "from" window and then "Village Hardware Alexandria VA" and "Home Depot Alexandria VA" in the "to" window).

Larry makes some good points in his interview, so take a look. Better yet, if you live in the metro DC area, do yourself a favor and visit Village Hardware at 7934 Fort Hunt Road (tel 703 765 1555). You'll love the Weber showroom, and they will assemble, deliver and set up any Weber grill they sell. And they've got plenty of snow shovels, sleds, de-icing compound and ice scrapers in stock. Good luck finding that stuff at Home Depot or Lowes right now........

Larry Gray of Village Hardware in Alexandria VA talks about the President's announcement of small business tax incentives and Cash for Caulkers at that well known small business Home Depot just down the road

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