Sunday, October 11, 2009

Achiote A Bomb Friday

Good lesson learned tonight. Trust your eyes (and your temp probe) when judging doneness. The Achiote A Bombs turned out all right, but they were somewhat overdone. The problem? I was too fixated on the recipe cooking time of 1.5 hours to trust what I saw was actually happening. The pork hit target temperature of 155F after 45 minutes. Not wanting to serve undercooked pork, I let it go another 30 minutes, and by then it was at 175F. When I sliced into the first loin, it was a lot drier than I had hoped for. However, that's what BBQ sauce is for, and a liberal dose of Crazy Rednecks sauce still made for a tasty treat. We also smoked acorn squash, which we glazed with a brown sugar/cinnamon/ancho chile infused butter sauce and topped with chopped walnuts. All in all, a really nice dinner.

Should've pulled the pork right after I saw this temp.

Here's the finished tenderloin rolls. Check the nice orange brown finish from the smoke reacting with the orange juice and achiote paste marinade.

The smoked squash. It was great with the brown sugar/cinnamon/dried chile infused butter and walnuts.

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