Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick update from the honeymoon

Thanks everyone for continuing to check in and read my blog. Sharon and I have had an incredible time in Central California tasting wine as well as Santa Maria style BBQ. In fact, in addition to the 14 bottles of wine and 10 bottles of beer shipped (so far; we're visiting the Stone brewery in Escondido today) and the five wine clubs joined, I am taking home a special souvenir. Here's my Santa Maria style tailgater grill. Picked it up at the santa Maria Home Depot for about 35% off retail:

The hand crank raises and lowers the cooking grate so you can get the exact amount of heat desired. I'm replacing the original cooking grate with a stainless from the manufacturer, and after my red oak chunks and the grate arrive in the mail, we're going to try it out with tri-tip, pinquito beans and Susie Q rub (from Albertsons in Buellton). I've got a feeling this tailgater is going to quickly become a favorite of mine.

Susie Q Santa Maria BBQ Page

A few more pictures from our adventures:

Sharon with Chris Burroughs from the Alma Rosa (formerly Sanford) Winery. Chris was in "Sideways" and he's working on some neat "dog centric" music (I'll post a link as soon as I find it or Chris sends it to me):

I should have this sign in front of our house:

If you've been to California, you know all about In N Out Burger. But you may not know about their "secret" menu. This is a "3x3, Animal Style with extra crispy fries."

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